Something is Rotten in Holland

The saga of the Hotel Mariakapel, and my friend Edith Abeyta’s “residency” there continues. Edie was invited to live at the Hotel Mariakapel and produce a piece which would go in the gallery there. The piece was to involve beer Bob Tower had brewed, as well as hand-made product tie-ins which were aesthetically raw and seductive as well as subversive– acting as a send up of mega-branding. Well, that’s what should have been.

The housing itself was slated to be demolished from the inside, so Bob and Edie had to leave while other digs were arranged by the University of Utrecht as an emergency measure. During this time the people who ran the residency, who knew the construction would take place but where dishonest about the extent and timing of it, insisted they stay in the demolished building with no door or shower. There are other hostile aspects of this that I won’t go into but the project has been hijacked by these people running the residency, who stand to make a great deal of (taxpayers’) money if the show goes ahead, and yet it was impossible for Edie to work there given the circumstances and other hostilities that went down.

The Hotel was informed by Edie and her collaborator at the University of Utrecht that there would be no show, as there was no way for Edith continue to work on the premises (and given a long list of other unprofessional and hostile happenings which derailed the project). The person in charge of the residency flew back from South America and had a meeting with the big wigs funding the project who decided on their own that there will be a show, regardless of Edie’s wishes. They are taking Edie’s work, the beer Bob brewed, and student documentation of her working and putting it in the gallery as her “show”.

At one point these same people wanted Heineken to provide funding so they could make even more money, but this proves they are profoundly clueless about the content and message of the piece. The Heineken sponsorship was vetoed but now they have basically sabotaged her work and are using it for their own ends so they can make a bunch of money.

This is truly insane and I am outraged and sick at heart about it all. I will be posting updates as they come.

2 thoughts on “Something is Rotten in Holland

  1. This situation has been eating at me since before they left. We need Edith back in Fortress America where there isn’t enough money in art for anyone to run an operation like the one she’s trapped in.

  2. much appreciation and thanks for being there for and with Edie and Bob. hope you got a shower.

    also, your Lush suggestion for my Mother’s Day is the greatest !!

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