31+ days, content free!

it’s weird to have hair, originally uploaded by velvetdahlia.

Ok, this is not really a post of substance, but more a mundane newsflash.

I am still without internet access. Alas.

I am stealing bandwidth to bring you this very important notice that I no longer have dreads, after 7 years. I didn’t cut them. I picked them out with a size 0 knitting needle.

Yeah, you know all those fairy tales where women knit some eternally long garment, sort the lentils from the ash and weave cloth that tells the gossip of the gods? I was channeling them.

4 thoughts on “31+ days, content free!

  1. Hey Tricia– I feel a lot lighter without them. And softer. It was definitely time to let them go– they were breaking off, and the ones that weren’t were very long and heavy. I needed to shed something. It seems like a lot of people in my life were attached to them, which is strange.

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