Hanwell Cinderella

If I leave Vagabonds (a goth club near London Bridge) after midnight these are my travel options according to Travel for London.  The last tube is a few minutes after midnight. For a cosmopolitan city, London really does shut up early.  Some clubs like Vagabonds are open until 3, but how do people get home?  I suppose they wander the streets for three hours until the first trains leave in the morning?  When I put in “show me routes with the fewest interchanges” the first return routes began at 5:30 in the morning, even though I put in midnight.  So basically TFL is telling me to stay in the club until 3am and then sit on the banks of the Thames, etc. until 6?  There aren’t even 24 hour diners in London where you can nurse some coffee and greasy eggs at 3am.  If you have a group of friends I suppose you could split a cab, (last time I shared a cab the ride to Hanwell was £75.)  Or brave the night buses as a posse, but as a woman traveling alone it’s just a bit impossible.  The last time I braved the night bus it never showed up.  I waited for over an hour in an abandoned Sloane Square at 2am for the N11 which never came.  I finally hailed a cab which cost me £28.

Better stay home.

4 thoughts on “Hanwell Cinderella

  1. Bar Italia is open 24 hours…and not that close to London Bridge but I bet you could find somewhere. There used to be this cool south American cafe near London Bridge where they didn’t speak English which I bet is open all night if I can find it again.

  2. Hi Kate– the thing is trying to find one in the middle of the night, even if I have the address, and then sitting there for hours by myself…I’m sure I would meet lots of *interesting* people but it doesn’t seem like the best idea.

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