This Election Business

Seattle stencil from Elena777 on flickr
Seattle stencil from Elena777 on flickr

Though most of the free world is currently biting their nails, waiting for the results of the election, some people remain (blissfully?) unaware. Take my co-worker who gets most of her information from the Daily Mail and the Metro.  Today she turned to me and in her heavy South (Sowff) London accent she asked, “This election business–”

“Yes?” I was eager to talk about something besides her obsessions with real estate and immigrant swindlers.

“What is it for?  Is it for the President?  Or is it for whoever will replace Bush?”

“Um, yeah.”

“Why doesn’t Bush run again?  Is he tired of it?”

“Bush can only be president for 8 years.” I mumbled, I’m tired of it.

“Who is Bush then, Obama or McCain?”  I think she was asking who was the Republican– thinking that the successor would be appointed like in the UK.

And here was my dilemma– explain the electoral process in a soundbite between her surfing the Home Buyers bulletins, or make it simple?

“McCain shares Bush’s policies, though he says he doesn’t.”

“Right then.”

And I went back to processing the perversity of bankers’ expense accounts, and to my reverie: imagining waking up tomorrow to a world that just got a bit better, a world where you could say you were American without cringing, where decades of racial struggle have come to joyful fruition, where the antiwar movement I sweated and cried over becomes vindicatied.  That kind of morning.

4 thoughts on “This Election Business

  1. I woke up and watched it all live before whisking myself off to celebrate Halloween with friends in Manchester. Your co-worker’s such a peabrain. Any relation to the foreigner asking for a penny for the guy with no guy who meant penny for this guy (himself)!

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