A Cephalopod Talisman

The Octopus Netsuke Necklace

One of my best sellers is the Octopus Netsuke necklace, and after reading this compelling blog post by the fantastic Mark Chabourn, entitled “Bow to Your Tentacled Overlords” about the ability of octopi to learn and use tools even,  I began to realize why.  Despite their incredibly alien strangeness, they are perhaps more like us than anyone first understood.  Through the Eye of an Octopus is another brilliant discussion summary of cephalopod intelligence studies, puzzle solving and even potentially dreaming.

Many of my necklaces are maid with miniature pewter sculptures from Green Girl Studios– their life-like detail and expressive natures make them particularly suitable for talismanic adornments.  The octopus is a prime example– its detail reminiscent of Japanese netsuke.  Combined with Swarovski pearls and crystals, I’ve wanted to make this one a worthy tribute to the tentacled overlords!  (And I bow to the customer who just got married in hers!)

The Octopus Netsuke Necklace

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