The Madness of Absinthe

The Absinthe Necklace has been featured in this intoxicating treasury on Etsy

It’s always fantastic to ride the Zeitgeist.  What is it about absinthe that seems to fascinate right now?  One can find soap and corsets and lip balm and lollies flavoured with wormwood– all delish, I’m sure.  I’m honoured to be included in this recent Etsy treasury.

On my recent trip to Leipzig I imbibed some gorgeously woody absinthe named after Hieronymus Bosch– it was at La Petite Absintherie, where the waitress was utterly charming, funny and friendly and the mood quite intimate– I preferred it to the more famous (and touristy) Sixtina.  You’ve got to love a city that can support two absinthe bars!

My friend Petra, applying Absinthe lip balm at the La Petite Absintherie in Leipzig.

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