Music and Making

I listen to music while I work.  Often it makes the difference between getting things done and not, but also in a more ethereal way whatever I listen to seems to inform my process and becomes a kind of collaboration, albeit maybe a one sided one. I try to listen to music that reminds me of the unearthly, folk tale setting where my designs originate.

My friend Brett’s band has a new album coming out, and it has been in heavy rotation since a preview the CD came in the post. ‘Lupus’ will be available in early 2012 from Deep Water Acres:  In the meantime you can find their first album on band camp:

I listen to the band Earth– the last three albums, specifically.  Their fantastically titled ‘The Bees Made Honey in the Lion’s Skull” remains a constant companion, perhaps because it couples that sense of mystery with a far-off sound of home– the high lonesome sound of the western US, as seen through a dream lens.  I saw them play some of these tracks in London and it was a strange sense of being in two places all at ones– both homes– a rare feeling for the immigrant heart. Dylan Carlson, the lead guitarist of the band now has a blog about his travels around England and London specifically, and the history of fairy folk and magic in the UK– it’s wonderful reading:

I also have to thank Jason Pitzl-Waters for turning me on to so much good new music through his podcast A Darker Shade of Pagan, and reminding me of old favourites.  His podcast is full of dark folk and witch-house, among other things.  Last year, his Yule podcast was very jolly, strange and grounded in winter earth traditions– I’ve dusted it off from the archive and am listening to it again to get me through the Christmas rush

(and believe me, there has been a rush!  Thank you Goddess! Thank you to all my amazing customers…and to everyone in my life who supports me in my new endeavor.)


5 thoughts on “Music and Making

  1. Thanks for the update on the music and your life! And…….keep those fingers flying and the design mind juices flowing….you are soooo creative! Congratulations on the great progress. ( My Facebook title says “Dale”, but I’m ALS!)

  2. Thank you for the kind words, liked the music(dead sea apes), it made my head feel funny. I didn’t read where the video came from, and thought ‘looks like maya deren or aliain resnais doing a hammer film’ then read it was ms. deren and felt dumb. A friend told me ‘bees’ got them through an ugly divorce, and I finally felt as if I had made a real country&western record. will have to check out that show as well. DRC

  3. Hi Dylan– I didn’t even get that was a Maya Deren film until I read the notes! I’m glad you liked the Dead Sea Apes– each record I’ve heard from them is different and fascinating– earlier stuff has a bit of Hawkwind to it. They are a Manchester based band. Bees is an amazing record, though I also love your last two. It is a real country western album! Totally authentic, high lonesome and freeing– all things I associate with the real soul of country western music. Thanks again for reading my blog.

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