Blessed Yule

It is too dark to work.   The sky is stark and without depth, like the inside of an egg.  Everything will have to wait for the light. All the holiday shipments have been sent, and the post office is peaceful again.  I have run out of many supplies– it has been an amazing first holiday season for the new business. I’m tired, but in a very good way.

Here’s a wonderful musing on Yule from a fellow blogger:

One day I will make it Stonehenge for the solstice, but not this year.  I will be making tamales this weekend and trimming the little black tinsel tree with potential earring designs and origami.

In the meantime I have made a mixed tape of all my favourite holiday songs: Spotify playlist for Yule. (There is a high dork quotient on this list…you have been warned!)

I wish all my readers bright blessings this Yule!

The Mistletoe Bride set by Feral Strumpet on Etsy

One thought on “Blessed Yule

  1. Loved the York Minster bells from your last blog. I can’t imagine a “black tinsel tree”; please post picture. Did you receive my email?

    Louise R

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