Ode to Poe, Part 2

This is the second post of three in honor of Poe’s Birthday on Thursday.  I’m celebrating by having a giveaway in my Etsy shop!  Read on for details.

I can’t remember my first encounter with Poe.  I  know I had to read The Tell Tale Heart when I was about 9 and it seared itself in my consciousness– one of those moments where you feel the initial betrayal of the universe, the dispelling of childhood.  Yes, the world is a dark place!  But I also have a visceral memory of the Vincent Price hour-long dramatic interpretation– reproduced in the above Youtube video.  Though, I must have seen it as a re-run.  Watching this I remember Price’s profound effect on me– the camp in his performance– the perfect last facet of his persona– was lost on me as a child.  You could call it a crush, that feeling he gave me, but I told no one, of course!  Others were cutting out pictures of Shaun Cassidy from Tiger Beat.  Yeah, it explains a lot– I also had a thing for Dan Haggerty/Grizzly Adams.

In Angela Carter’s meditation on Poe, “The Cabinet of Edgar Allen Poe” she imagines him as a child.  His infancy is invented with her charateristic cynical compassion and narrative shifts, like facets in the void-world of the story.  (She no doubt learned a trick or two from Poe–taking his unreliable narrators one step further). His mother, a vaudevillian actor, is rendered vividly– to this day I can’t think of Poe without seeing the grease-painted ghost of his mother close behind.  Such is the power of Carter’s writing.

“Edgar would lie in prop-baskets on heaps of artificial finery and watch her while she painted her face.  The candles made a profane altar of the mirror in which her vague face swam like a magic fish….”

The Nevermore Grimoire Bookmark by Feral Strumpet on Etsy

And, perhaps the only thing that would make my Poe Nevermore bookmark more lovely is if it were between the covers of The Trials of Edgar Allen Poe, a collection of poems by one of my favourite poets and essayists, Ned Balbo.

Today is the last day to enter the Nevermore bookmark giveaway!  Blog, Tweet or click the “like” button on your favourite item in my Etsy shop to be entered to win.  Be sure to comment here so I know to enter you.  Winner will be chosen tomorrow by a highly random, Discordian approved process that may involve kittens.

2 thoughts on “Ode to Poe, Part 2

  1. I actually tried to rope Cherry into choosing but she wasn’t having it. I had to draw names out of a hat in the end!

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