At the On the Edge Festival, Leeds.

The Feral Strumpet Stall at the On the Edge Festival, Leeds

TLast weekend the Feral Strumpet stall was in action at the On the Edge Festival in Leeds.  This new arts fest was held at Templeworks, an artspace in the old flax mill, which was designed to resemble the temple of Horus in Edfu, Egypt and built at the height of the industrial revolution in Leeds. Famous at one time for “the largest room in the world” an the sheep which grazed on the roof. It was a pleasure to sell at this festival, as we were blessed with the sun on that day and everyone was in a lazy Sunday mood.  The Feral wares were well received and we enjoyed the other traders, all DIY peeps.  Vegan food from That Old Chestnut was a highlight.

The Feral Strumpet banner was made by installation artist Edith Abeyta.

I have no plans to sell at another live event in the near future, but you can still shop at my Etsy store.

My faithful helper indulging in some end-of-the-day tomfoolery.


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