Of Roman Roads, Crystals and Dream-Kittens.

On Wade’s Causeway, the Old Roman Road on the North Yorkshire Moors.

I don’t believe in New Years Resolutions, and the sentimental nonsense that seems to clutter the internet at the cusp of the new year, which is probably why I waited so long to post in 2013.  It is a year that sounds most like 7os science fiction.  We are living in the future.

On New Year’s Day I went walking on the North Yorkshire Moors, my favourite place to be. The track there is ancient, named for the giant Wade or Wadda (Woden!) who built the road for his wife Bel to drive her cattle. Depending on who you believe, the road leads to Whitby, (Don’t they all?) but I’ve never gotten that far. The old roman road is an easy hike, though the ground was wet and very flooded in places, the heather brown and scrabbled, waiting for summer– as am I.

This year the winter has been dire– wet and relentlessly grey. I never thought I would fall pray to S.A.D., but the evidence of yellow glass witch balls in my shop means it’s happened. I needed some sun!

New Witchballs, inspired by Yorkshire custom, in my Etsy shop. https://www.etsy.com/listing/119146308/yellow-witch-ball-with-a-sacred-spiral
New Witchballs, inspired by Yorkshire custom, in my Etsy shop. 


There was sun on the moors on New Year’s Day, and a straight track– no need for map or compass. I’d like to say I thought about my goals for the shop and all that. The holiday season this year was truly overwhelming, and I do need to think about workload and business goals, but much of the real growth and direction comes from an intuitive place. Walking on the moors all kinds of information is coming at you, and you are processing it deep inside. I thought about the new materials that have come to me late in the year: a huge shipment of raw quartz crystals.  I have been honing new skills for many months, forging wire to make rings,  findings and crystal settings that would fit with my new designs.  This process is more immediate, more primal and there is more of me in it.

Working with the quartz, one must be very mindful about what it wants to be, and respect that. Some want to be nothing more than what they are. All the stones required a lot of cleaning.  I spent more time with them than any other material I’ve worked with, and during the cleaning process I had very vivid, happy dreams. There were new-found kittens in them, always a good sign.

Raw champagne quartz rosary necklace by Feral Strumpet on Etsy.
Raw champagne quartz rosary necklace by Feral Strumpet on Etsy.


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