My Life in Blogs

My handmade business was born of the DIY movement which began with my involvement in zines in the 1980s.  I had my own zine which I diligently put together using collage, ball point pen and a manual Smith Corona from the 50s. I traded with folks I found in the back of Flipside magazine, and some of those people have become life-long friends.

Beehive, the Zine I created in the 90s with artist Laura Splan.
Beehive, the zine I created in the 90s with artist Laura Splan.
Queenie, my 90s zine about Joan Crawford and teaching on a Marine Base.
Queenie, my 90s zine about Joan Crawford and teaching on a Marine Base.

My love of zine culture carried on into the early 90s with the spirit of Riot Grrl feminist DIY culture. I collaborated with artist Laura Splan to create Beehive, a zine that featured our friends- Tammy Rae Carland, Michael Estabrook, Ann Erickson and De Kwo. With themes like Pornography for Angels and In a Temper, they had covers I hand painted in gauche. I later started an offshoot called Queenie, documenting my then-obsession with Joan Crawford and my adventures teaching English on a U.S. Marine Base. Later in 1996, Beehive became one of the first online zines. In the late 90s and early 2000s, My husband and I continued online indie publishing with Die Cast Garden a magazine that experimented with the literary and artistic use of early flash coding, css as well as creating one of the first web-based poetry publishers. At that time I discovered early wordpress integration and experimented with blogging.

It wasn’t until I moved to England in 2005 that I began blogging seriously for public consumption.  I began with a knitting blog, Sticks and String Forever. Later I poured my soul (or at least my homebrew) into my beer blog Impy Malting.  You can see these obsessions reflected in my shop offerings– check out my Feral Knitting Collection as well as my Craft Beer inspired jewellery.

A Parliament Of Owls Stitchmarker Necklace Set

Lupulus. Hop Flower Earrings with Swarovski Crystals

I wrote these two blogs while documenting my London life in this blog you read here. These indie writing endeavours prepared me to go it alone with my online shop and gave me the skills and creative drive to make it happen.  I’m indebted to the DIY movement for my livelihood, that’s for sure.


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