Feral Vintage Shop Update

I’ve been busy filling the shop with lovely vintage pieces– they are going fast.  Gorgeous tribal Kuchi pieces, sterling silver and gemstone rings from the 80s and some heady Baltic amber among other treats are all waiting to be snapped up. Check out the Vintage and Antique Collection at Feralstrumpet.co.uk to see it all.

I have always been a collector of vintage pieces, from back in my high school days in the 80s when you could still find plentiful vintage at thrift stores and charity shops. I was often drawn to pieces because of a detail, colour or texture– only to find after some research I had indeed “scored” and found something of value.  As I became more knowledgeable I sold vintage pieces as a hobby and a way to supplement my salary as a University lecturer.  I think is the time spent with vintage pieces that provided me with a crash course in jewellery design, and their construction an whimsy have remained a prime influence in my work.  I still source vintage when I can, refurbishing it when necessary or using fragments to recreate new designs. I love pieces that carry a history, and a glimpse of the past– beyond the wonderful quality of vintage pieces I offer– each has a unique narrative that they are no doubt saving for their new owners alone!

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