Free U.S. Shipping at

We now offer free shipping to the U.S. on orders over $35 dollars at as well as our Etsy shop! And as always there is free shipping to the UK and Europe on ALL orders.

And now for the little personal plea, despite how uncomfortable it makes me to write it: I want my lovely customers to shop at the site that is most convenient for them, but there is something I feel you should know. Etsy has changed. They now take a generous percentage from our sales, and have basically mandated free shipping to the United States, even for international sellers. This is a hardship for many small handmade businesses. A goodly percentage of money you spend on Etsy doesn’t go to the makers you would like to support; it goes to Etsy and its shareholders. Of course this isn’t news that Etsy isn’t what it once was. Since they went public, they are now accountable to shareholders instead of makers. Please support makers by shopping from our independent sites when you can! I can guarentee you will get the same great service, shipping deals and range of beautiful pieces at my independent site as you would on Etsy, and I often thrown in little coupons and offer sales on my independent site that you won’t find on Etsy, so it’s worth it to shop there first!

Thank you as always for being part of this journey with me and reading this far.

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