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The only London constant is the weather, its shifts, the theatre of clouds. The only way to free up a story is to start walking.  To take a train somewhere you have never been and to recognize it, immediately, as the missing paragraph of a novel that should never be written.

–Ian Sinclair, London: City of Disappearances.

New in Town

I have had many blogs. My first was on blogspot six years ago, and it had ads and was hard to navigate. Then a friend of mine hosted a Moveable Type blog, and it was overrun with spam comments and other hostilities. I had a Vox blog but found the NPR-listening demographic, the bright-whimsy aesthetic and the ads tedious. I still have a Live Journal blog, but the interface is insular and cliquish. Good for keeping in touch with friends, but not so good if you have a public voice.

So this is my blog about loving London. About hating London. About homesick dissonance and the gift of distance. About my wet island home.