Celestial Treasures

Celestial finds from inspiring Etsy sellers.

I’ve created a treasury of celestial themed finds on Etsy.  Not so many years ago, I was an avid treasury creator on Etsy.  I loved curating finds that looked beautiful together and coalesced around a certain theme. It was a great way to find other hand made businesses and artisans and support each other.  At one time Etsy used these as the front page, and there was a feeling of community in these shared collections. At some point Etsy did away with treasury making as well as a maker/user curated front page.  I miss those days.  I also miss being a shopper on Etsy.  I find that if I don’t have a specific handmade shop in mind as a destination, I no longer browse Etsy.

I set myself the task of browsing and curating, just to see what would happen. I started with Buckleberry Ferry’s star map embroidery as I just loved it– and built the collection around that. Though it was harder to find hand-made items from small makers, and this was discouraging, I persisted. I was rewarded by seeing a lot of inspiring handmade businesses to celebrate.   I also tried to prioritise European sellers as well.  I hope you find something to love in this “list”.

Do you make Etsy lists (treasuries)? Comment with a link!

The Madness of Absinthe

The Absinthe Necklace has been featured in this intoxicating treasury on Etsy

It’s always fantastic to ride the Zeitgeist.  What is it about absinthe that seems to fascinate right now?  One can find soap and corsets and lip balm and lollies flavoured with wormwood– all delish, I’m sure.  I’m honoured to be included in this recent Etsy treasury.

On my recent trip to Leipzig I imbibed some gorgeously woody absinthe named after Hieronymus Bosch– it was at La Petite Absintherie, where the waitress was utterly charming, funny and friendly and the mood quite intimate– I preferred it to the more famous (and touristy) Sixtina.  You’ve got to love a city that can support two absinthe bars!

My friend Petra, applying Absinthe lip balm at the La Petite Absintherie in Leipzig.

Blessed Litha


The Chartres Labyrinth Necklace is featured in this Solstice Meditation Treasury

A blessed Litha to all my friends, readers and shop supporters.  This longest day brings many blessings– not least of which is a little Victorian terrace house for my husband and I, right outside the medieval city walls of York.  Finally, we might be able to put down roots and perhaps our nomadic lives can shift to nesting in earnest.

And, what luck to be included in this elegantly whimsical spiritual treasury on Etsy!  The Chartres Labyrinth necklace is in good company here– in amongst a wool felted Stonehenge and gong earrings!

Featured in a Poe-themed Treasury on Etsy

The Nevermore grimoire bookmark featured in this sleek Poe-inspired

The new raven-feather Grimoire Bookmark was inspired by Poe’s poem and is right at home in this new Poe-inspired treasury compiled by The Heriloom Bouquet, a shop specializing in unique sculptural, vintage assemblage alternatives to a floral bridal bouquet.

Nevermore Grimoire Bookmark, Silver feather with skull and hand-blown stormy lampwork bead.