The Bold River. Long Vintage Naga Tribe Brass and Hemp Necklace.

£48.00 GBP

This long, multi-strand necklace of brass beads in different shapes and sizes is a beautifully earthy, vintage piece that is also quite modern and wearable. Five strands of oval, round and tube beads of brass are strung on hemp cord, with a flowing "liquid" feel to it.  Simple enough to work with other layered pieces or on its own. 

There is a tiny palmette "tag" adorned in a kind of yoni shape that adds to the power and mystery of this piece. 

Approximately 30" long, this necklace easily slips over the head and has no clasp. 

This is a fine example of Naga bead work which is part of the tribal identity of the Naga people of North East India and Nagaland.