The Leshy. Earthy Long Statement Necklace of Vintage Rudraksha and Rosary Beads.

£125.00 GBP

This statement necklace is greater than the sum of its vintage parts. I've combined a fragment of a vintage agate stone rosary bead chain with a series of rudraksha beads arranged in an ombre pattern. There are also rustic vintage beads from a branch and three carved wooden beads: a braided ball, a coiled snake and a surreal, organic orb.

This long, chunky statement necklace measures 37" long.

Rudraksha beads are traditionally used in Hindu prayer beads. I have named this piece after the Russian forest guardian, the Leshy.

All my vintage pieces are sourced and repaired with care and my jewellery is made by hand by my partner Mike and myself in a converted 18th century naval school on the wild North coast of Scotland. All pieces come gift wrapped.