Shipping Deadlines for the Holidays & Many Lovely Festive Designs


It’s that time of year again where the darkness gathers around us and we look for little signs of life and light. I’ve many lovely designs that celebrate this light-in-the-darkness!  This giving season can be so fun and full of delight when you have treasures to choose from, perfect for everyone in your life!   I’ve also put together some handy deadlines as a guideline for final order dates if you would like your package to arrive before Christmas.  These dates are based on Royal Mail Guidelines and are a suggestion, not a guarantee.  During this busy time, we recommend upgrading your shipping to included tracking, as this method is often faster than regular mail.


He Knows Just the Right Kind of Song…

The Trees Community. The Christ Tree
The Trees Community. The Christ Tree

Dubbed by Pig State Recon as the “weirdest thing Christians ever made”, this record has been blowing my mind and bringing me back to my ecstatic, mystic-gnostic roots. This CD is a selection of the extensive recordings from the 1970s of the Trees Community, known for their original liturgical compositions using wildly varied musical instruments like the Venezuelan folk harp, the Chinese Koto, tamboura, cello..among others, as well as haunting a cappella arrangements. It is the best Christmas Album you could really hope to discover today, Christmas Eve. It cuts through all the ubiquitous, bullying sentiment at this time of year with authentic joy.  Let us turn then to this psychedelic commune rock with sincere faith, in all its forms and paths, and eschew those sly architects of misery that insist on vapid holiday cheer.

My favourite track from this record:

Jesus He Knows

More beautiful music and information here:

The Trees Community at Niagra Falls. From Shishonee Ruetenik's ebook, Seven Story Bus
The Trees Community at Niagra Falls. From Shishonee Ruetenik’s ebook, Seven Story Bus

The Sleight of Hand Chaplet, by Feral Strumpet.

The Sleight of Hand Chaplet, by Feral Strumpet.

Blessed Yule

It is too dark to work.   The sky is stark and without depth, like the inside of an egg.  Everything will have to wait for the light. All the holiday shipments have been sent, and the post office is peaceful again.  I have run out of many supplies– it has been an amazing first holiday season for the new business. I’m tired, but in a very good way.

Here’s a wonderful musing on Yule from a fellow blogger:

One day I will make it Stonehenge for the solstice, but not this year.  I will be making tamales this weekend and trimming the little black tinsel tree with potential earring designs and origami.

In the meantime I have made a mixed tape of all my favourite holiday songs: Spotify playlist for Yule. (There is a high dork quotient on this list…you have been warned!)

I wish all my readers bright blessings this Yule!

The Mistletoe Bride set by Feral Strumpet on Etsy