What’s New and What’s Ahead for Feral Strumpet

New versions of old favourites in the most recent shop update.

Have a peek at this week’s shop update. You’ll find new versions of old favourites as well as an exciting assortment of new designs.

New in– an exciting variety of ear hangers and ear weights for stretched ears as well as a new witch ball especially designed for the Summer Solstice or Litha!

New Stitch Marker Necklaces of flash knitters!

Lately the knitters of Instagram have been inspiring me, and I’ve designed these new stitch marker necklaces for my fellow knitters! I’ve been knitting for over 20 years and have knitting everything from tiny doll house knitting on toothpicks to massive canopies using recycled plastic bags.  I find knitters to be some of the most fascinating, generous and aesthetically exacting folk around.  They are, you could say, my people.

I also wanted to update you with some exciting plans ahead for Feral Strumpet.  We are relocating from York to the North Coast of Scotland, to a remote village by the sea.  This will all happen early in early June and I will keep you posted.  The shop will remain open during our relocation, but in a week or two any made to order designs will take a couple of weeks longer than usually to make.  So if you had your eye on a custom colour design or any of my made to order pieces, now is the time to order them if you’d like it quickly!


Blessed Litha


The Chartres Labyrinth Necklace is featured in this Solstice Meditation Treasury

A blessed Litha to all my friends, readers and shop supporters.  This longest day brings many blessings– not least of which is a little Victorian terrace house for my husband and I, right outside the medieval city walls of York.  Finally, we might be able to put down roots and perhaps our nomadic lives can shift to nesting in earnest.

And, what luck to be included in this elegantly whimsical spiritual treasury on Etsy!  The Chartres Labyrinth necklace is in good company here– in amongst a wool felted Stonehenge and gong earrings!

Win some bling for your books

The Norbert Grimoire Bookmark

To celebrate Midsummer, I am having a giveaway in the shop! Tweet, blog or Face Book post your favourite item in my shop and I will enter you to win a Dragon Grimoire Bookmark of your choice.   You can use the handy “Like” or “Tweet” buttons on the right side of the Etsy listing.  Be sure to come back and tell me about it!  Winner will be chosen by a highly random, Discordian-approved process and announced this Friday.