“The Cailleach of the Borehole” at The Bottle Imp

at the Dornoch Witches Stone

Some of you may know I am currently engaged in a project writing about the witches monuments of Scotland. I’m excited to have my piece on the witches stone of Dornoch “The Cailleach of the Borehole” in The Bottle Imp, the online journal of the Association for Scottish Literary Studies. You can read it here: https://www.thebottleimp.org.uk/2019/12/the-cailleach-of-the-borehole/

You can read more about my project here: https://www.patreon.com/Allysonshaw

A Necklace for Lilias

Some of you may follow my Patreon where I have been mapping monuments to Scottish witches. I’ve written a great deal about the accused witch from Torryburn, Lilias Adie. Lilias Adie was innocent but she faced torture and repeated interrogations which led to her death, perhaps by suicide. She was exiled from her community, buried in the mud. Later her bones were dug up and sold as curios.  There is a growing group of activists working for a memorial not only for Lilias but for all the accused witches of Scotland. I have written about the history and proposed monument in a previous post.

The group behind this work, Fife Witches Remembered, are out of pocket as costs have incurred with this work.  They asked for donations for a raffle.  This is the piece I gave them to help raise funds.

The grave of Lilias Adie. Councillor Kate Stewart is working to secure her grave as a site of national importance.

As with my Witches Ladder Necklaces, I was mindful of the purpose of the piece.  I knotted my wishes for justice for Lilias into every wrapped link.

Reconstruction of the face of Lilias Adie by Dr. Christopher Rynn of Dundee University.