Garden Dreaming

The Secret Metamorphosis Necklace

The Secret Metamorphosis has been featured in this garden-themed treasury on Etsy.  For the first time in over ten years I actually have a garden of my own.  It’s a little brick corner, but it’s mine.  Of course, I missed planting season and it is a bit bare.  There are no butterflies flitting about the clothesline, but maybe next year.  I have read that they are disappearing, which, like the sad news about the bees, makes me despair. I will be researching and planning a garden with butterfly-friendly plants.

I do have a wormery, which is a weird mediation on death and the cycle of life every couple of weeks when I go to tend to it!  Right now I keep it in the old outhouse which will act as a shed.

Just think, I have all late summer and winter to dream about the perfect potted garden.

The Garden Goodies Treasury on Etsy

Happy World Goth Day

Get your black's World Goth Day

The goth scene is home to me, though I haven’t always worn the costume my obsessions have always been the same.  Back before I knew a name for it, I was wearing Victoriana and listening to Bauhaus.  I have met many of my friends in dancing clubs, and this is one subculture where you can embrace middle age gracefully.  I’m happy to be here, whatever Goth Day means (it’s certainly not an invention of Hallmark…yet), it’s a chance for me to shout out to all the other darklings I call my friends– a gleeful carrion call.

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