Fifteen Best Sellers this Spring

This Spring’s Best Sellers at

Spring is here, the sun is out and festivals are fast approaching! Here’s what Strumpets have been buying at the shop– 15 of the most popular items. To see them all, visit the Best Sellers collection at

  1. Witches Ladder Bespoke Necklace.  Made to order based on your unique path, inspired by your story. 
  2. Old School Goth Glasses Chain Great to use with Sunglasses as well as regular specs or reading glasses! 
  3. Bronze Nahusha Hoops in 12g Delicate and luxe for stretched lobes.

  4. Aluminium Tesla Hoops in 4g Our largest hoops are still lightwieght and easy to wear through tunnels or bare stretched lobes.
  5. Nahusha hoops in aluminum. Minimalist hoops designed for stretched lobes or tunnels. 
  6. Aluminium Pennanular Brooch for bulky knits Perfect for chunky knits, this lightweight rustic brooch won’t weigh your stitches down!
  7. Mini Tesla Hoops, our most popular gauged hoop in a smaller diameter.  This is a great unisex design.  A totally wearable yet bold hoop!
  8. Patchwork Heart Necklace. One of my earliest necklaces, this long standing favourite is a testament to the survivor’s spirit. 
  9. Tribal Hoops This design is well loved amongst tribal belly dancers!  It has an ear wire for a regular piercing but also can be worn in stretched lobes through a tunnel.
  10. Triple Moon Goddess Necklace This Victorian Inspired piece pays homage to the triple moon and its correspondence to the triple goddess. 
  11. Pennanular Brooch in Bronze A lightweight brooch suitable for worsted or DK knits.  The bronze I used resembles rose gold.
  12. Druzy Geode Ear Weights Earth bling at its best– these ear weights are designed to be worn through stretched lobes.  They hand from Aluminum hoops and can be worn through bare piercings or tunnels.
  13. Worry Ring Made to order in your size in either copper or sterling silver, these look wonderful when stacked, as they thread together.
  14. Morrigan Glasses Chain A shorter version of my Old School Glasses Chain, this one has Celtic Knot accents and Moody Czech glass instead of skulls.
  15. Witches Moon Earrings. These glorious, pentagram adorned statement earrings are relatively new to the shop, but are flying out the door!

Hail The Thunder Moon!


Tonight is July’s full moon, sometimes called the Thunder moon.  We are definitely waiting for a thunderstorm here at Feral HQ, as summer has come on with a vengeance. I currently type to you in 33 degree centigrade heat, something we are just not used to in the North!

To celebrate we are having a sale in July on all my Tesla Hoops– the gauged threaders fit through tunnels worn in stretched ears.  Just visit the Tesla Hoop Collection at use coupon code THUNDER at checkout.  Offer expires 31/07/2016.

These threaders now come in a rainbow of coil colours for you to choose from!  The coil slips over the hoop to secure it in place– making it both decorative and practical.

These colourful coils come in metal tones as well as brights– perfect for summer or when you need an injection of your personal power colour in your life!
Here is a short video showing how to put on and take off the hoops:

Feature in the Artisan Issue of One&Other

One&Other, The Artisan Issue. Feral Strumpet is featured.
One&Other, The Artisan Issue. Feral Strumpet is featured.

I’m honoured to have my Tribal Hoop earrings included in the Artisan Issue of York’s One&Other magazine.

The Artisan Issue of One&Other, my Tribal Hoops are featured in the photo on the right.
The Artisan Issue of One&Other, my Tribal Hoops are featured in the photo on the right.

This issue is the second anniversary of this special magazine– it has lived in York about as long as I have. This little free bi-monthly magazine captures the soul of York– not an easy thing to do. Though the city is beautiful and full of history, the constant crowds of tourists can blur its essence.

The magazine captures what is going on, much in the way the LA Weekly did when I lived there, but One&Other is not only stylish and knowing, it’s got soul. Seeing the city through the loving lens of this magazine affirms my pride in living and working here.

Lovely fashion spread from the Artisan issue of One&Other
Lovely fashion spread from the Artisan issue of One&Other

When Alice Ostapjuk contacted me saying they wanted to use my Tribal Hoops in a photo shoot I was thrilled.

The Editorial Director, Vicky Parry says it best:

…We live in a walled city, one that has flourished on chocolate and attracts millions of tourists to bask in the shadows of its iconically-crafted buildings, to a modern labyrinth of eateries and crafts that bring us industry today…

…this issue pays homage to those that have passion; the people and projects that, like ourselves, were borne out of a hunger to create.

Thank you One&Other for the lovely feature– I’m proud to be included with the other artisans of York.