Free shipping within the UK on all jewellery orders! Free shipping within the UK on all jewellery orders!


To Our EU Customers

To Our EU Customers

Many of my EU customers have been asking me what has changed since the UK has left the EU. Here is a brief summary of what you can expect at my Etsy shop as well as at We still ship FREE  to the EU for all jewellery orders. 

Buying from our Etsy shop means you will be charged import tax for your country at checkout, and we will put this information on the package. (A recent order to Germany was charged 19% and Italy 22%—as examples) This means it will not be delayed in customs—you will not have to pay handling fees or import duties at customs and this will speed delivery. 

Buying from my independent site means shipping is still free, but your item might be stopped in customs and you will pay import fees. 

If you have any questions or see anything you like in my shop, email me and I will be happy to answer all your questions!

We see ourselves as a European shop in a European country even if the UK government has decided otherwise.

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