Frigg Horse Brass

£13.00 GBP

This beautiful vintage horse brass is of a woman with her distaff and spinning wheel. This horse brass ready to be repurposed for a warding talisman or altar decoration. Frigg is the Norse Goddess of spinning-- it is said that she spun the clouds and you can see her spinning wheel in the sky as the constellation also known as Orion's Belt.

Brass measures 2 3/4" (7cm) wide by 3 1/4" (8cm) tall.

Historically horse brasses were used to decorate horse harnesses with an alternate use as an apotropaic talisman, something to avert misfortune or bad luck. According to UK folklore, horses were particularly susceptible to ill use and being hag-ridden. This perhaps dates back to a more ancestral memory of the horse as a sacred animal, kin to Epona the Celtic horse goddess. The brasses were first and foremost, decoration for horses and their use was full of mystery. Objects of beauty, such as horse brasses were often thought to draw the the malignant impulse to itself rather than the wearer, much in the same way a witch ball was thought to protect a house.

I have other witchy vintage horse brasses available for sale - see last photo.

All my vintage is lovingly sourced by my partner Mike and I from the wild north coast of Scotland. All pieces come gift wrapped.