The Dark Coven. 3 Witches Nimbus Necklace with Titanium Plated Quartz.

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A darker version of my 3 Witches Necklace, with titanium plated quartz crystals.

  • 3 quartz crystals are snug against each other in my crystal nimbus setting, inspired by halo and nimbus images from crystallography
  • The crystal points are a ragged, and irregular shape, each with its own personality
  • The titanium plating gives a blue/chartreuse effect with flashes of brilliant colour
  • This necklace has a deep cobalt sheen on one side and the other is luminous chartreuse
  • The setting is framed with a hand forged copper nimbus and hangs from a copper-plated brass chain with a hand forged copper hook and eye clasp in my 'Bird Mother' shape
  • Necklace measures 16" long or 41cm, but can be lengthened upon request - see length options using the dropdown menu

This simple modern necklace is an ode to the camaraderie of the coven.  When I was a painter, many years ago, i was obsessed with the delicate halos etched in the gold leaf of medieval portraits of saints. I'd like to think this design has some of that grace.

All pieces are made by hand or sourced with care from our home studio in Kirkwall, Orkney. Ally's designs are inspired by the wild, ancient Orkney landscape with its unique blend of Scottish and Norse culture and history.