Guide to Tesla Hoops

Here is a guide to our original Feral Strumpet Tesla Hoops, including size charts and a video showing you how to put them on.

The Tesla design features an open hoop which closes with a moveable coil spring that slides around the hoop to open and close it. It is designed for people with stretched piercings to wear alone or through tunnels.

Inventor and showman, Nicolai Tesla, namesake of the Tesla Hoop

I have been making Tesla hoops since 2013. Feral Strumpet Tesla Hoops, with their seamless coil closure, are my original design.

  • They come in your choice of four metals: lightweight aluminium, copper, brass and sterling silver.
  • I recommend wearing the aluminium Teslas through tunnels. I like to wear mine through silicone ear skins.
  • The copper, brass and sterling can be worn through bare piercings or tunnels.
  • Some are lightweight, like the aluminium, while the larger gauge copper hoops are ear weights.
  • Different gauges and diameters are available. 
  • There is a Tesla for everyone on their stretching journey.

Here is a video showing how to put on and take off your Tesla hoops:

If you have any questions about what size or style of Tesla hoop is right for you, I can help you choose. Email me at

Download a handy size and weight chart here: Tesla Size Chart