Black Hearted Love Gothic Rosary Necklace

£99.00 GBP

The Black Hearted Love is one of my oldest designs: a vintage rosary is adorned with a beautifully detailed, carved sacred heart made of cinnabar and crowned with a flame of raw garnet stone.
  • The black wooden beads are smoothed by time and care
  • The rosary dates from the mid 20th century
  • The rosary measures 27" (68cm) long with a 6 1/2" (16.5cm) drop from the connector
  • Sacred heart "flame" is a large piece of raw garnet
  • This necklace easily fits over the head without a clasp
While making the first black hearted love necklace, I had the P. J. Harvey song "My Black Hearted Love" going through my head-- the stormy tryst described that song.  This design has become a trademark piece for Feral Strumpet, though no two are alike.  It is the perfect necklace to wear whilst surrendering to dark wiles!

All pieces are made by hand or sourced with care from our home studio in Kirkwall, Orkney. Ally's designs are inspired by the wild, ancient Orkney landscape with its unique blend of Scottish and Norse culture and history.