Gothic Rosary Glasses Chain with Custom Colours

£41.00 GBP

A darker eyeglass chain, made of a black glass rosary chain combined with your choice of accent coloured crystals. 
  • A beautiful baroque floret adds a touch of decadence
  • Please choose red, cobalt blue, crystal clear, purple or all black beads by using the drop down menu to the right of the listing
  • This design can also be made in a myriad of other colours by request-- please see the rainbow of possibilities in the last picture and send me a message if you would like a different colour
  • Great for sunglasses or reading glasses
  • Chain measures 33" from one elastic loop to the other, each end is finished with hand wired Czech glass and Swarovski crystals

I made this design after getting lots of requests for a skull-free version of my original goth glasses chain. If you are down with the skulls, that listing is here.

Here's what a customer has said about this glasses chain: 

"NGL, this eyeglasses chain completely changed my attitude about my new prescription of glasses, which I have to remove to do some aspects of my job. I didn't want some ugly sport thing, and I also didn't want some dried-up old granny chain. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for your beautiful piece!" --Rachel, USA