Hare and Moon Pendant Necklace in Brass

£15.00 GBP

A rustic hare and moon pendant in bronze plate.

  • The hare hangs beneath a large mother of pearl moon
  • Accented with a small amethyst orb 
  • It hangs from a 30" length of vegan suede or waxed linen cord with an adjustable knot
  • Choose your cord colour using the drop down menu at check out 

In Chinese Folklore the Moon Rabbit is said to be pounding out the elixir of immortality in a mortar for the moon Goddess Chang’e. The Aztecs also have a moon rabbit legend as well as many other cultures. Some say you can see this rabbit by looking at the shadows on the moon which form its shape.

We sell a silver-coloured version of this hare pendant (see last photo) available here.

All my jewellery is made by hand by my partner Mike and myself in a converted 18th century naval school on the wild North coast of Scotland.  All pieces come gift wrapped.