Sun Cat Oracle Deck Pouch for Spirit and Witch Cats Decks by Nicole Piar

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A cozy, magical home for your oracle and tarot decks and other treasures.

Let this golden Sun Cat bring an enchanting beauty to your sacred space and your practice.

★ Lush Light Purple Velvet pouch with Metallic Gold Embroidery, Lavender Satin Lining, and Golden Beads

☾ Fits standard tarot decks and large oracle decks. Max card height: 6”

★ Fits Nicole Piar's Spirit Cats Oracle Deck, even if it is combined with her new Witch Cats Deck to create an all-the-cats deck ;)

☾ Size: 8” x 6”

Please note this item ships from the United Kingdom - if you are in North America, you can purchase the deck directly from Nicole.