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Ancient Warding with Vintage Horse Brasses

Ancient Warding with Vintage Horse Brasses

Horse brasses are fascinating objects. Historically horse brasses were used to kit out horse harnesses , but they had an alternate use as an apotropaic talisman, something to avert misfortune or bad luck. According to UK folklore, horses were particularly susceptible to being hag-ridden.  The term “nightmare” refers to the dreamer being ridden by malevolent forces. Witches were thought to be attracted to horses and the beautiful, shiny horse brasses defected their “evil eye.” This perhaps dates back to a more ancestral memory of the horse as a sacred animal, kin to Epona the Celtic horse goddess.


Objects of beauty, such as horse brasses, were often thought to draw the malignant impulse to itself rather than the wearer, much in the same way a witch ball was thought to protect a house.

I offer a range of carefully sourced vintage horse brasses featuring pagan or occult motifs ready to be repurposed as decor and for creative warding. They are available in the Altar Supplies section of my shop.

Sep 25, 2020

Hello, lovely site. I have never heard the Wiccan/ Pagan origins of the “Evil Eye”. It does make a lot of sense, being that horses and dogs were the very first domesticated animals. Where I can’t make the transition, is the Greek and Roman’s got there Gods/Religion/from the Pagans, but the Bull became the “idol” animal. To this day, in Italy “Stregheria” is deeply rooted in daily life. As is the evil eye, or the Malocchio. (My grandmother spit so much growing up, to this day, I still gag.) I don’t think you can find an Italian not wearing some amulet of protection either.


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