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The Celtic Roots Collection

The Celtic Roots Collection


It seems fitting to launch the Celtic Roots Collection at this Summer Solstice. Things have been rocky, and it’s still eclipse season, but there is rebirth everywhere.

Not far from where I live and work making jewellery is Tap o' Noth, where a major Pictish settlement has just been discovered. These discoveries mean my little corner of Aberdeenshire was once the centre of Pictish life. The Picts were of course Celts. These carvers of mysterious stones were also great jewellery makers. Even to this day, modern silversmiths are unable to replicate some of their powerful and mysteriously made designs.

One of my very first cold forged designs was inspired by the simple Celtic penannular brooch. I have gone on to make many version of this design in myriad metals with stone accents. You will find them in this collection.

There are also many Celtic inspired earrings and necklaces, suitable for a daughter of the Picts. I have also sourced beautiful vintage pieces all decorated with Celtic knotwork. The Picts often depicted the web of wyrd on their cryptic stone carvings—destiny was cyclical and intertwining, knotted together with those that came before and all those who will come after.


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